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Our Services

Planning & Architecture

Considering the serviceability and purpose a structure or infrastructure will be put to use, our design experts usually dish out highly conceptualized and front-end designs to ensure a feasible project

Construction & Installation

Our daily activities demand the construction and installation of high valued project infrastructure. Always, our skilled and experience construction and installation management team ensure that facilities are structured as designed and detailed, thus, ensuring attainment of the best project delivery.


Having consideration to constructability and operability, cost and safety, our team of highly qualified engineering personnel deliver high quality, cost-effective products for our clients. Whether it is in civil, marine, electrical or mechanical engineering disciplines, our wide range of expertise is readily available.


Given our strategic disposition to the engineering and construction industry, we are favourably inclined to helping our clients to manage the supply of materials and services, labour and credit needs.

Logistics & Personnel Management

Our local and international awareness and exposure as well as knowledge of prevailing market values
provide us with a good platform for the execution of logistical ventures towards solving project needs. We have the manpower supply to provide expertise to clients across a wide range of services.

Interior Design

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Why us?


The satisfaction and interest of our clients reign paramount in our heart. Hence, at Comfix &
Engineering we do not waver in our character because our integrity is most priced and our word is our bond. This invariably makes us most reliable to you.


We at Comfix & Engineering possess the flexibility and the depth to fathom completely
the necessary expertise and resources to be deployed in order to deliver world-class infrastructure-cum-services in our ever challenging and uncontrolled environment.

Competitive Pricing

At Comfix & Engineering, we strive to achieve the best possible quality in service (as well as product) delivery. That is, our Company strives to attain the very highest quality by strictly adhering to a Quality Management System under the direct control of our quality Assurance /Quality Control Engineers.

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